Privacy Policy

We will never share, rent, or sell your personal data to others.

Our commitment is to keep your data safe and confidential. To comply with these obligations, we only store appropriate data. We use this information to deliver services, maintain your account and communicate with you.

  1. As such, we follow these principles when building our add-ons
  2. No personally identifiable data will be collected by the add-on
  3. We use methods to record usage analytics on our add-ons for quality-improvement purposes. We only ever collect anonymous usage statistics, which does not include personally identifiable information.
  4. Our Add-ons may request permission to access the full contents of a user’s Google Drive, these access rights are required to allow actions performed by the end user. The textual contents of users’ Drive files are NEVER transmitted to any 3rd party services outside of the user’s direct control or knowledge.
  5. All personally identifiable student data that users may keep in files associated with these add-ons remain in the complete control of those users (ie. stored in their Google Drive and processed entirely within Google’s server infrastructure). They are protected under Google’s log-in security model.
  6. We store no personally identifiable student information in any 3rd party database or file repository. In none of our Add-ons is there any transfer of student data into any system outside of Google Apps, nor is any data ever transmitted via any infrastructure other than Google's existing server software and secure web protocols. All operations on student data are carried out within and under the authority of the user's Google account.

The key messages for users of the Add-Ons are that:

  • If you are using Accounts Manager, Classroom Manager or Password Manager
  1. only those people who have administrator rights within the domain can use the add-on to retrieve and change data.
  2. Anyone with whom the user shares the spreadsheet will be able to see the data. They can make changes to the data in the spreadsheet but if they then try to run the update function, without having the necessary authorities, the update will fail.
  3. Nobody outside the user’s domain will ever get access to the user data through the add-on.
  • If you are using Form Maker
  1. Access to data is restricted to the person who created the form and those people with whom they have directly shared access. The developers do not have access to change the form or see any of the data submitted by the respondents
  • If you are using CSV Manager
  1. Access to the data is restricted to the file owner and those people with whom they have shared access. The developers do not have access to data files.